Compleye is an innovative fire alarm management system providing control and monitoring wherever you are

Marlowe Compleye is a cloud hosted fire alarm management system that has been designed to make it easy for you to access, manage and control the performance of your fire alarm system at any time and from anywhere.

Marlowe Compleye is compatible with most UK analogue addressable fire alarm control panels and provides you with transparent and detailed reporting.

The innovative application records all fire alarm activity to a secure cloud hosted database to provide you with comprehensive platform for compliance and auditing, replacing the need for a conventional fire log book.

Nimbus supplied by FAFS Fire & Security.


Connection to Marlowe Compleye is simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes. On the next scheduled maintenance visit, a FAFS Fire & Security Engineer will install a GPRS Gateway to your Fire Alarm panel.

The Gateway provides a secure connection from the Fire Alarm panel to Marlowe Compleye, ensuring a direct line of communication is maintained and all information is recorded within the secure and robust cloud platform.

Installation of the Gateway is simple and non-intrusive and will have no impact on the performance of your Fire Alarm panel or the panel’s conformance to British Standards.

Web Portal

Once connected, Marlowe Compleye records all Fire Alarm activity to a cloud based platform that can be accessed from any web enabled device. Within the portal you can view a comprehensive overview of your system, including a detailed maintenance service schedule and live asset list.

All information communicated to Compleye will be stored to an infinite log and tagged by a variety of parameters which can be used to filter, sort and generate reports to show the information you need to see. All data can be exported
into an easy to download Excel document.

Asset List

Compleye will create an online asset list for all Fire Alarm components, quantifying and detailing each Panel, Loop and Device, it is also possible to incorporate commentary and photos for further information. This information will be available through the online portal and will update as the system develops.

Service Schedule

Compleye will record the schedule of planned preventative maintenance visits. Using the detail from the asset list, each unique device test will be recorded within a collective service report, providing a complete log of which devices have been tested within a specific service period. Ensuring your compliance to BS 5839-1.

Mobile Apps

To further the connectivity of Marlowe Compleye a number of phone applications have been developed to improve the performance of your Fire Alarm.

Compleye Engineer

Compleye Engineer is an Android and iOS application that works with Marlowe Compleye to record Engineers’ activity whilst testing. Engineer data is sent to Compleye and all service activity, comments and photographs are recorded. Compleye Engineer improves performance by providing confirmation of tests, scheduling devices that need to be tested, recording and logging all pass and fails and highlighting system upgrade requirements. All data is recorded within Compleye and can be viewed through the Web Portal.

Compleye Notify

Compleye Notify is an Android and iOS application that delivers Fire Alarm event notifications straight to your smart phone. Utilising the push notifications feature, alerts will be delivered from Marlowe Compleye detailing the affected site, event type and device description. Events can be cleared with a comment to record the reason for the alarm and help manage false alarm activity. All comments and notifications are recorded within Compleye and can be viewed through the Web Portal.

Compleye Test

Compleye Test is an Android and iOS application that notifies you of a pending ‘Weekly Fire Alarm Test’ with specific instructions of which zone and manual call point should be tested. Compleye Test can be loaded with predefined instructions, such as “contact the ARC prior to test”, to ensure each Weekly Test is carried out correctly. Once the test has been completed, you will receive confirmation from Compleye Test and the result will be recorded to Marlowe Compleye and can be viewed through the Web Portal.

The Benefits

With Marlowe Compleye every element of your Fire Alarm is stored in one place and your information is secure, protected and accessible. Marlowe Compleye is available for all our Customers and has been created to be flexible to suit your business needs.

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