Many companies in the UK already use lease finance for a wide range business critical equipment, from photocopiers to forklift trucks, but leasing options for security / fire and commercial industry are becoming more and more popular, particularly in today’s economic climate.

As systems with a depreciating value that bring no direct income benefit to a business, these systems are often overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the priority list when capital expenditure projects are discussed.

In doing so it can inadvertently leave companies vulnerable to security breaches such as theft or vandalism, or business loss due to fire damage.

Lease rental of fire and security systems can be a good way to finance a new system or an upgrade. Because it is based on a fixed, usually monthly, cost over the life of the system (and often including ongoing maintenance support) it can allow a business to act faster to put a new system in place than following the usual internal budget processes involved for a large capital expenditure. This may also mean that a better, higher specification system can be afforded.

By using lease finance this enables companies to capitalise on the latest technologies, keep staff and assets safe, and ensure compliance with all current UK legislation.

Benefits of leasing

There are many reasons why leasing can be an attractive alternative to outright purchase, typically it helps with cash flow to avoid having to make an upfront investment, but it can also be the convenience of being able to easily upgrade equipment.

Preserves Working Capital – repayments are fixed, so you can keep cash reserves in your business for continued growth.

Budget Control – budget more accurately with predictable, regular fixed payments for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what and when you are paying.

Protects Other Lines of Credit – existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft or other facility, remain intact for growth or uncertain times.

No Major Upfront Costs – no significant outlay or investment necessary; usually just a first rental is taken by Direct Debit to secure your finance

Tax Efficiency – 100% allowable against pre-tax profits; payments in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year, lowering your Corporation Tax Liability

Access to the latest technology – service and maintenance can be incorporated within agreements

Upgrade & Add – adding to or enhancing a system during the rental period can be incorporated through the term of a lease rental. This can bring a reduction in the need to wait for new budget allocations before upgrading and other additional spends.

System Life – fire and security technologies are always evolving and advancing. Lease rental can remove or minimise equipment disposal issues and incorporate scheduled system upgrades and component replacements within your systems management programme.

Leasing FAQs

Your payments are fixed and are therefore unaffected by interest rate rises. They would be subject to any changes in VAT.
A nominal amount is required in advance of the lease agreement. This is usually equivalent to a periodic payment and means you can start using the equipment straight away and generating profit from it before the next payment is due. With hire purchase agreements, VAT must also be paid upfront.
We prefer our customers to use Direct Debit as the method of repayment.
Yes, all finance lease rental payments are tax deductible against profits, therefore attract tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement. Contact your accountant to find out how this can reduce your overall tax bill. In the case of hire purchase, the lessee (you) can claim full capital allowances on the full value of the asset from day one, which can then be used to reduce taxable profits and in turn any resulting corporation tax liability/payment.
All you need to do is fill out the form on your contact page with your details, and one of our team will get in touch with you.