Aspirating Fire Detection System with built-in Processor Redundancy

The new generation Guardian Laser Stamp+ (GLS+) System has been designed to offer more features and ensure your compliance.

GLS+ maintains all the robustness and dual controller redundancy assurance of the original Guardian Laser Stamp panels with the added benefits of connection to the fire detection of Apollo XP95/Discovery and Hochiki ESP open protocols and accredited compliance with international standards including: EN54-13, VdS G 205 024, 0786-CPD-20907, VdS S 205 024.

GLS+ provides numerous upgrade features including: comprehensive cause and effect programming, full networking, graphics displays and remote web-browser virtual panel status display and event management.

The Concept

The GLS+ is a new generation, modular and ultra-modern Aspirating Fire Detection System.

The system has been developed to meet the highest international standards and requirements. The panel has been designed to include a number of features that are unique within the fire industry and includes as standard a number of features that are expensive optional extras with other panels.

The GLS+ is compatible with the renowned intelligent detectors from Hochiki and Apollo – two of the most established and proven manufactures in the worldwide detector market.

GLS+ Remote Control Repeater

Dual Controller Assurance

The GLS+ system has been designed by Leading industry experts with many years’ experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire Life safety systems.

Recognising the importance of providing uninterrupted and continuous fire Life safety detection the GLS+ system has been designed to provide dual redundancy protection, incorporating dual microprocessors in each control Loop PCB.

The twin circuits with independent power supplies ensure that in the event of a failure in the primary unit, the secondary processor automatically initiates, without Loss of service. The system continues to report all smoke and fault alarms while retaining, intact, all system history.

The system has been purpose built to meet the unique requirements of Police Stations, Holding Cells, Interrogation Rooms and Prisons where it has been successfully deployed for over 30 years.

Moreover, the unique capabilities of the GLS+ system are suitable for a wide range of Non Clean Environments where continued protection is of paramount importance.

ASD and LASO aspirating units and fire alarm detectors can be installed on the same Loop (Apollo 126 addresses per Loop/Hochiki 127 addresses per Loop plus base sounders-beacons).

Robust Redundancy

GLS+ uses the latest aspirating unit technology to provide a system which is: easy to use, immune to unwanted alarms from dusty environments, includes an integrated communications interface unit and full dual micro-processor redundancy for all main controller and Loop controller pcbs.

GLS+ incorporates full network Loop reverse monitoring redundancy and individual zonal addressing for each aspirating smoke detector.

The dual redundancy and remote monitoring management provides the user with operational peace of mind for all critical Life and property infrastructures.

The GLS+ has been engineered to deliver the next generation of innovative Aspirating Fire Detection Control Solutions which meet the requirements of today’s critical and unique establishments including:

Police and Prison Services
Petro Chemicals
MOD Facilities
Power Stations
Essential Infrastructure
IT Communication
Server Centres
Heritage Buildings

ARCNET Interface Card

– To plug into a slot of the FCP main board
– Connecting to the multi master communications system with a maximum of 128 panels
– Can be plugged into the FCP twice to realise a full redundant network
– Very high reliability

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage: 24VDC
Current Consumption: 3omA
ARCNET Interface: up to 128 nodes
Cable Length: max 1,200
Weight: 0.1kg

NSC Webserver Module

– Permits the access to NSC Fire Control Panels via the Internet without special software
– Use of the www infrastructure = e.g. by means of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.
– User administration for 30 users
– Access by user name and password
– 9 different access authorisations
– Indicates all messages/status of the FCP
– Shows the complete event log
– Online control of the Fire Alarm Panel front facia
– Complete operation of the FCP Plug-in module

Technical Specifications

Quiescent Current: 38 mA (24 V DC)
Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 20 mm
Linux O/S Software with 2.6.24 kernel
10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN interface
32 MB NOR Flash
3.3V/300 mA

Typical System Schematic


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