Software - Open or Closed Protocols?

Open or Closed Protocols? – there is a very expensive hidden cost in many fire detection systems that most people are unaware of…

…Software Ownership

Many suppliers will sell you a system, but they won’t tell you that the price does not include the software.

So, if you need to re-configure your system, service/maintain it, or carry out repairs, you can’t – unless you use that supplier.

You can’t shop around for cheaper quotes.

You can’t handle minor tasks in-house.

You’re stuck with their prices and level of service.

We’re different

When you buy a system from FAFS Fire & Security, it’s yours – and that includes the system software.

Naturally, we’d like you to choose our service and maintenance options because we offer good service at a competitive price.

If you’re getting a competitive price for a new system, you may want to ask:

1. Does it include the software?

2. What are the costs for maintenance?

By asking these 2 simple questions, and getting positive answers, you will dramatically reduce the long term cost of ownership of your new system and put you in control.