Contactless Access Control

Protect your employees, reduce the spread of virus

In the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that can be spread easily through surfaces, advanced Access Control technologies can ensure more than just efficiency, they contribute to the workspace security by offering monitoring, detection and reporting, as well as by controlling access of unauthorised entrants without any hygienic risk.

Door entry and access systems can be a particularly high-traffic area of buildings and offer a huge potential for cross-contamination if they are used by people carrying an infection or virus. Once further entrants to the building have picked up the virus on their hands, they can begin to spread it around the many other surfaces in the building, such as lift buttons, door handles and other surfaces.

Contactless Access Control provides a fast, accurate and safe way of identifying employees as they enter a site without the need for touching any surfaces such as a keypad, fingerprint reader, turnstile, or door.

Simply by standing in front of the camera, the system will do all the work – recognising their unique features and unlocking the assigned door, often within milliseconds.

Recommended Products

Hikvision Pro Face Access Terminal

• 7-inch LCD touch screen
• 2 MP wide-angle dual-lens
• Adjusts supplement light brightness manually
• Face recognition in dark environment
• Face recognition distance: 0.3 to 3 m
• Suggested height for face recognition: between 1.4 m and 1.9 m
• Deep learning algorithm
• 5,000 face capacity, 5,000 fingerprint capacity, and 50,000 event capacity
• Multiple authentication modes
• Face recognition duration < 0.2 s/User; face recognition accuracy rate ≥ 99%
• Imports card and user data to the device via TCP/IP communication
• Stand-alone operation
• Transmits data to the client software via TCP/IP communication and saves the data on the client software
• Capture linkage and captured pictures saving
• Imports data to the device from the client software
• Manage, search and set device data after logging in the device locally
• Connects to one external card reader or access controller via RS-485 protocol
• Connects to external access controller or Wiegand card reader via Wiegand protocol
• Connects to secure door control unit via RS-485 protocol to avoid the door opening when the terminal is destroyed
• Two-way audio with client software, indoor station, and master station
• Remote live view via RTSP protocol; encoding mode: H.264
• NTP, manually time synchronization, and auto synchronization
• Audio prompt
• Watchdog design and tamper function
• Supports 6 attendance status, including check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out

Dahua Face Recognition Access Controller

• 7 inch IPS display, resolution 1024×600
• Support face unlock, IC card unlock, and password unlock; unlock by period
• With face detection box; the largest face among faces that appear at the same time is recognized first; the maximum face size can be configured on the web
• 2MP wide-angle WDR lens; with auto/manual fill light
• Face-camera distance: 0.3 m–2.0 m; human height: 0.9 m–2.4 m
• With face recognition algorithm, the access controller can recognize more than 360 positions on human face
• Face verification accuracy>99.5%; face comparison speed 0.35s per person; low false recognition rate
• Support profile recognition; the profile angle is 0°–90°
• Holds 50, 000 users, 50, 000 faces, 50, 000 cards, 50, 000 passwords, and 50 administrators
• Support liveness detection
• Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, and more
• Support general users, patrol users, VIP users, guest users, and the disabled users
• With 4 unlock status display modes