On 17th of January 2019, DCUK FM hosted our inaugural Cross Divisional Partnership meeting.

26 members of our Account Management, Sales and Operational Delivery teams met to discuss how we can best support our customers in ensuring their compliance.

Our unique strength is that as a part of Marlowe Critical Services, we can provide our customers a range of closely related critical testing and maintenance services, delivered by one of our specialist Divisions.

Our Divisions include:

Property Risk Compliance
Fire & Security
Water Treatment & Hygiene
Air Quality

Individually, our Divisions are leaders in our respective fields but together we form part of a group that can provide our customers with a comprehensive and integrated approach to their safety, regulatory compliance and the upkeep of the building systems they rely on.

This approach enables; more convenience, better across the board compliance, greater consistency and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship.

More importantly, our size, range and extensive national footprint give our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can count on us as a member of Marlowe Critical Services to deliver the mission critical services that are so vital to them every day of the year in every part of the UK.

The day presented an excellent opportunity for diverse team members to interact, share ideas and discuss the exciting possibilities ahead for Marlowe Critical Services.

4 Divisions. One Standard. Everywhere.

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Delivering a Compliant Solution

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