Hygienic Door Opening Solutions

Protect your employees, reduce the spread of virus

As people start returning to work, businesses will have a responsibility to minimise the risk of COVID-19 within their premises.

Door entry and access systems offer a huge potential for cross-contamination if they are used by people carrying an infection or virus.

Our range of hygienic door opening solutions offer a simple, cost effective and hygienic solution to controlling the spread of virus within the workplace by eliminating the use of door handles and door release buttons, a major source of contamination.

Contactless Door Release

Contactless Door Release

Designed for use in access control systems, the infra-red driven contactless door release exit button offers a hygienic solution to unlocking doors.

• Touch-free activation Red LED turns Green when activated (interchangeable)

• Easily retro fitted to an existing system

• Modern and aesthetically pleasing solution to a building’s door entry/exit system

• Discreet surface mount design

Contactless Door Handles

A range of simple, cost effective and hygienic door opening solutions to control the spread of virus within the workplace.

• Hands-free door opening – enables you to use your forearm, elbow or foot to open doors

• Prevents transfer of a virus or bacteria to your hands

• Stainless steel and steel

• Anti-microbial (silver-ion) paint option