Everything has changed in recent weeks in how we operate in our day-to-day lives due to the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) outbreak, including the way in which we shop.

Supermarkets have been taking measures to enforce the social distancing rules, with some strict restrictions on people flow including maximum capacities in an area, and many are operating ‘one in, one out’ policies when this capacity is reached.

These measures are enforced and manned by staff, which is not only an additional overhead but also puts them at risk of coming into contact with large numbers of the public.

People Counting Cameras can help to control the flow of people in public places.

The system analyses how many people are inside an area and allows you to display numbers in real-time and can link with digital signage.

The system can trigger an alarm when maximum capacity is met and can link with a traffic light system or with a speaker/siren to alert staff/public that the area is full.