An installed and maintained Access Control system guarantees safe and secure entry into your sites, helps to monitor loss prevention, and provides you with management tools for the time and attendance of your staff and visitors

FAFS Fire & Security is an approved installer for PLAN Access Control Systems.

The PLAN System is a fully featured, scalable, access control system that supports the use of conventionally cabled access controlled doors as well as Wireless on-line battery powered locksets and e-Cylinders AND Off-line data on card solutions.

Flexibility in the system design means that the product can be cost effectively deployed in small applications, with just a few readers and staff, as well as meeting the large-scale needs of an entire organisation across multiple sites with thousands of readers and tens of thousands of staff.

Due to its integrity and resilience, the system has been implemented in a wide range of applications in almost all markets. In today’s demanding and competitive security systems marketplace, the PLAN system takes its place as a high end product suited to the ‘large scale’ enterprise-wide needs of leading companies across all sectors.

Somewhat uniquely, clients are not forced into selecting from a tiered range of products which may result in unnecessary additional expenditure at the outset, or the need for a disruptive upgrade to the next tier at some point in the life of the system.

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Advanced “xPLAN” wired door controllers are available in configurations up to 12 doors from a single enclosure. The different controllers can be mixed and matched as necessary and are flexible in terms of networking. Controllers can be connected to the host using dedicated copper wire, Direct IP Ethernet, Gateway Ethernet, WiFi or Power over Ethernet as best suits the application.

Expansion and specialised hardware is also available, such as our unique Aperio Gateway controller, Input/Output modules, and lift control solutions.

This flexibility brings significant benefits (and cost savings) to end users for the life of the system. Whether the application is a new build or retrofit installation, our aim is to ensure that we can offer our dealers a control system architecture that fits the client’s needs exactly.


At the heart of any PLAN system is the “xPLAN v9” N-Tier software solution which provides both the user interface and manages communications to our range of advanced distributed intelligence door controller hardware.

  • Full-featured day to day administration of card-holders and user privileges (new starters, processing lost cards, increasing user rights etc).
  • Real-time alarm annunciation and system status reporting to allow acknowledging alarms, responding to alerts and CCTV analysis.
  • Delivery of Reports and Auditing enables responding to requests for system reports and monitoring compliance with regulatory controls.

With capabilities that extend beyond ‘access control’ the system includes a host of value added features (such as Photo-ID, Attendance reporting, Auto Roll-call, Guard-tour and Asset Tracking). The system can provide seamless integration with other security sub-systems such as ‘Logical’ access control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Paging and Intercom systems. Additionally, the PLAN software (and hardware) can be linked to non-security systems such as Fire Alarm, BMS, Flexi-Time, Cashless Catering, Student database and HR staff management applications.

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