Reference to COM-POL-01a OHS Policy statement

It is the policy of FAFS Fire & Security to develop a positive health and safety culture throughout the organisation because we believe that high standards of health and safety are necessary for company efficiency and competitiveness.

To achieve this, the company will continually strive to identify all workplace hazards and take appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks to employees and others affected by our operations by applying positive control standards and provision of information, training and supervision as needed.

Employees and Subcontractors at all levels are reminded that they have a duty, commensurate with their position, to ensure that the company’s health and safety policy is observed. They are required:

• To take reasonable care for their own health and safety at work and of those who may be affected by their actions, or by their omissions.

• To co-operate with their employer to ensure that any duty, or requirement, for health and safety imposed upon their employer by law is performed or complied with.

• To co-operate with any other holder of health and safety duties (such as contractors or other employers working at our premises, and other employers when we are working at their workplaces) as far as is necessary to enable them to perform their duties.
• Not to intentionally, or recklessly, interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety, or welfare.

• To report to supervisory staff hazardous conditions or defects in the company safety arrangements.

The Group’s Chief Executive Officer has ultimate legal responsibility for health and safety and accordingly accepts overall responsibility for policy implementation within the group.

The Chief Executive Officer will ensure that the Group’s safety arrangements include sufficient resources for the Regional Managing Directors to successfully implement the Health and Safety Management Policy.

The Chief Executive Officer will appoint a competent person (Health & Safety Advisor) for assistance in the preparation and in implementation of this policy. The Health & Safety Advisor’s role is to provide independent and authoritative advice to management and staff with individual responsibilities for health and safety.

As the senior operational manager at each regional centre the Regional Managing Directors are responsible for Health & Safety in each operational centre. The Regional Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of the policy in their region and shall ensure that all levels of management and all supervisors carry out the health and safety duties placed upon them.

An Organisation and Responsibility flowchart is attached to this policy.

The Group Health and Safety Working Party will carry out the monitoring and review of the Group Health and Safety Management Policy and advise the Chief Executive Officer and the Regional Managing Directors of all changes to the policy or procedures. It is then the responsibility of the Regional Managing Directors, to implement such changes at their Regional Centres and ensure that all relevant personnel follow the new directives.

Development of the Health and Safety Management Policy will be achieved through structured discussion at Regional Centre Operations meetings, Health & Safety Working Party meetings and at meetings of the Main Board of Directors. Each of these meetings shall be based around a formal agenda to ensure that all issues are addressed.