The Hyfire range of products is the most technically advanced and innovative hybrid fire solution available in the UK. The system has an impressive track record and can boast the largest reference list of any EN54 compliant hybrid system available today.

The system seamlessly integrates wired and wireless devices with industry standard control equipment to provide a cost effective solution for almost any application. The system is equally at home with a 2000 device all wireless system as with a 50 device hybrid system, Hyfire has become the product of choice for many blue chip clients in many sectors of industry and commerce.

FAFS Fire & Security has successfully installed dozens of wireless systems from small single translator systems to large multi network translator systems.  The ability to use a combination of wired loops (typically in electrical risers) and Bi-Directional wireless communication of translators makes the Hyfire wireless system the most cost effective and robust system available.

Fully compliant to the latest to EN54 standard, it utilises Open Protocol technology with upward compatible technology for all new generations of systems. This benefits the Life Cycle of the building, ensuring that maintenance costs, remedial works and future upgrade costs are kept to a minimum.

Simultaneous Evacuation Fire System

The Hyfire wireless fire systems are the ideal solution to assist the evacuation of tenants in high-rise residential buildings, quickly detecting fire, efficiently warning to escape, and providing long-term lasting peace of mind. The Hyfire system, BS5839 Part 1 L5 compliant, works with heat detectors placed in each flat working as “cladding detectors” and with wall sounders in common areas to alert building residents in seconds in case of fire and help evacuating in a timely manner. Once the dangerous cladding has been removed, the system can be easily modified to a BS5839 active fire protection system or a BS8629 evacuation system afterwards or dedicated to other scopes.

Simultaneous Evacuation Cost

Utilising a Hyfire wireless fire system the cost of installation would be inline with the annual cost of the Waking Watch and in some cases far less, paying for itself in less than 1 year. Subsequent years would mean a cost saving of the whole of the annual cost for waking watch.


Early detection of fire: the advanced radio signal processing algorithms ensure fast detection of the fire signals.

Quick notification to building tenants: fast communication between devices and control panel allows building residents to be alerted in seconds in case of fire and evacuated in a timely manner.

No need to cable into tenants’ residence, fast installation: wireless fire devices can be programmed quickly and easily offsite, then installed in minutes, with no need for cabling or renovation and radically reducing the people required to install. An installer needs only short-term access to properties, radically reducing the disturbance to tenants.

Flexible system, easy to modify once the dangerous cladding has been removed: without having to rewire, products can be easily moved to expand or modify the system. The Hyfire system could be easily modified to a BS5839 active fire protection system or a BS8629 evacuation system afterwards or dedicated to other scopes.

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