Prysmian continues to be the first name in cables since Pirelli transferred ownership to them in 2005. The FP range of fire resistant cables has been the market leader for over 30 years and continues to be the number one fire performance cable.

British Standard Codes of Practice have been developed to help designers and installers meet the requirements of Building Regulations for safety in the event of fire, this is where Prysmian’s FP leads the way. The Standards call for fire resistant cables to ‘standard’ performance or ‘enhanced’ performance and Prysmian’s FP range meets these requirements and has LPCB and BASEC approval to support them.

FAFS Fire & Security recommends FP200 Gold and Plus cables as the best 3rd party approved cables.  In order to be fully BS 5839 and BAFE compliant all parts of the fire alarm system must be 3rd party approved.  Be wary of unknown cable types as they may not be 3rd party approved and could prove troublesome in the future and be non-compliant.  FP200 cables also look the best when installed as they are a more rigid cable than others and don’t sag between clips, it dresses neater and rolls off the drum without kinking.

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