fire alarms london

Fire alarm company specialising in the design, installation, commission, and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire suppression, aspirating systems in London and the surrounding area.


Fire Alarms LondonFire Alarms London

Design, installation and maintenance of commercial fire alarm systems, throughout London and the surrounding area, tailored to suit different building types and applications. Operating locally and experienced in all industries.


Fire Alarm Upgrade & Replacement LondonFire Alarm Upgrade & Replacement

Fire alarm systems, like everything else, don’t last forever. Periodically, they must be upgraded because of old age, nuisance alarms, lightning damage or due to a building expansion.


Fire Alarm Maintenance LondonFire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm maintenance options to ensure you are compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements. We maintain a national fleet of 24/7, multi discipline Service Engineers, ensuring an emergency response is maintained in the event you require our support for your Fire Alarm System London.


Fire Suppression LondonFire Suppression Systems

Design, installation, service and maintenance for all types of fire suppression systems including Gas Suppression Systems and Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems.


Aspirating Systems LondonAspirating Systems

High Quality VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) Aspirating Systems to accommodate a broad range of environments & applications offering sensitive and accurate fire detection for all businesses.



Our Fire Alarms London team install fire detection, fire suppression and aspirating systems all over the City of London and Greater London.

Fire Alarms London


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