Save money on your fire alarm insurance premiums

Did you know that you could get a discount on your annual fire alarm insurance premiums if you enhance your fire alarm system?

Discounts can range from 5% up to a maximum of 15%, depending upon attendance times of the fire brigade, your history and your specific risk.

Typical Fire Alarm System requirements include:

L1 or P1 category

Automatically connected to the Fire Brigade via Alarm Receiving Centre

Intelligent Addressable system with keypad controls

Designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by a BAFE SP203 – 1 accredited Company

What do you need to do?

STEP ONE – Consult with your Insurers

Advise them of your plans and let them know you expect a discount on your premium if you have a system installed that meets the ‘Typical Requirements’ Read more

STEP TWO – Ensure your system is:

Specified to L1 or P1 category as defined in BS5839
Intelligent Addressable system
Designed, installed, tested and commissioned by company certificated to BAFE SP203 – 1

STEP THREE – Contact us

As a Company certificated to BAFE SP203 – 1, Contact Us for free impartial advice, surveys, designs, specifications and cost plans