BAFE SP203-1 – Selecting a Fire Alarm Installer

Why should you use a BAFE registered company?

However well intentioned we are, there is always a risk that a fire will break out. Because of this ever present risk it is important to protect life and property with an effective and reliable fire detection and alarm system.

As technology has developed, fire detection products and systems have become more sophisticated and complex. Thus the choice of a competent installer to ensure satisfactory installation and maintenance has become all the more important.

But how can you be sure that the company you employ to install you fire detection and alarm system will be competent, and how can you be sure that your installation will be likely to satisfy the fire brigade as meeting statutory requirements or to satisfy your insurance company?

The most effective way is to use a company which is BAFE SP203-1 registered.

By specifying a firm which is certificated to BAFE SP203-1, you can be confident that your fire detection and alarm system will be installed competently to the codes of practice that you specify, and that they can provide the necessary maintenance service required to maintain a valid certificate.

What is BAFE SP203-1?

The BAFE Fire Detection and Alarm Systems SP203-1 scheme recognises the importance of providing compliant fire detection and alarm systems and therefore assist in minimising false alarms.

This BAFE Scheme has been developed to permit organisations involved with one or more of the following:

1. Design
2. Installation
3a. Commissioning
3b. Handover
4. Maintenance

of fire detection and fire alarm systems to become third party certificated and BAFE Listed as recognition of their competence to undertake their scope of work.

Certificate of Compliance

By so doing, the certificates issued by these organisations on completion of their work will provide proof of competence as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for England & Wales, the Fire (Scotland) Act and the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) and give the Client and relevant enforcing authorities e.g. the Fire Authority and Building Control, confidence that the work has been correctly undertaken.
The evidence of the delivery of the fire detection and fire alarm system to the required specification will be:

a) modular certificates for the relevant work modules
b) a comprehensive system commissioning certificate, and
c) providing all work has resulted in the issue of Module Certificates and the project has been successfully verified, a BAFE Certificate of Compliance for the overall installed system.

How are BAFE registered companies certificated?

All BAFE registered companies are third party certified by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies licensed to operate the BAFE schemes. This ensures that they have been assessed and awarded certification in their specific areas of fire protection offered as competent.

As all the BAFE schemes are delivered by a range of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies working to the same standards, there is no requirement to specify individual Certification Bodies (unless desired for additional reasons). Third party certification to one or more of the BAFE schemes is the pre-requisite to becoming BAFE registered.

You can be confident in us

BAFE’s scheme objective is to provide a means by which fire protection system users and regulatory authorities can be confident that the companies providing fire alarm systems, have processes in place to effectively undertake such activities within their defined scope of work.

By selecting FAFS Fire & Security with our BAFE accreditation you can be assured of receiving the most professional advice and the highest standard of installation and service.

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