Intruder Alarms

Ensuring the safety of your property and assets is paramount to us at FAFS Fire & Security. That’s why we offer comprehensive intruder alarm systems tailored to your specific needs.

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An innovative solution combining the latest in security technology

Recognizing the importance of intruder alarm systems in deterring unauthorized access and burglary, our expert team designs, installs, and maintains these systems using the latest technology and industry best practices.

Why Choose Us?

Partnering with FAFS Fire & Security means gaining access to a trusted and reliable provider committed to safeguarding your property around the clock. Our intruder alarm systems are user-friendly, reliable, and effective in detecting and deterring intruders.

Don’t compromise on the security of your premises. Trust FAFS Fire & Security to deliver high-quality intruder alarm systems that provide peace of mind and protection for your property and assets.

Monitoring Solutions

Paired With Our Dedicated Monitoring Team

A monitored Intruder Alarm protects your business by reducing the chances of burglary, intrusion, malicious damage and arson, whilst supporting you in meeting the requirements of your insurance provider.

Alarm Monitoring

Working as both a deterrent and an active security solution, Intruder Alarm Monitoring ensures a fast response to all activated alarms.

Fully Accredited And Certified

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

We're here to help

FAFS Fire & Security pride themselves on high quality, cost-effective service delivery. Whatever your requirements are we have a solution to meet your needs.

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