Fire Hose Reels

Providing a comprehensive fire hose reel service. Our accomplished, IFEDA trained technicians provide annual servicing and testing in accordance with BS EN 671 -1: 2012.

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Gain access to a trusted & experienced provider

At FAFS Fire & Security, we recognise the critical importance of fire hose reels in effectively combating fires and protecting lives and property. Our dedication lies in providing comprehensive fire safety solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

By partnering with FAFS Fire & Security, you gain access to a trusted and experienced provider for fire hose reel services. From installation and testing to maintenance and compliance checks, our skilled technicians ensure that your fire hose reels are always in optimal working condition, ready to respond when needed.

What are the benefits of Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are essential firefighting equipment, offering a reliable and accessible water supply to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently. With our expertise and range of fire hose reel options, including manual and automatic variants, we ensure that you’re equipped with the right tools to tackle any fire emergency effectively.

Fully Accredited And Certified

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

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Don’t compromise on fire safety. Trust FAFS Fire & Security to deliver high-quality fire hose reel solutions that provide peace of mind and reliable protection for your premises.

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