Access Control

Guarantees safe and secure entry into your sites, helps to monitor loss prevention, and provides you with management tools for the time and attendance of your staff and visitors.

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Simplifies administration and saves you time and money

An Access Control System can enhance your existing security system by allowing you to authorise and know who is in your building at any particular time.

Advancements in software interfacing and integration technology mean it is now possible to connect your Access Control System to your CCTV and Intruder Alarm System, offering a holistic security approach, which simplifies administration and saves you time and money. Fire Alarm integration allows your Fire Alarm System to alert the Access Control System to unlock all the doors in the event of a fire allowing staff to exit the building quickly and safely.

What are the Benefits Of An Access Control System?

Access control systems offering lockdown capabilities can quickly secure your premises to isolate a threat. For any facility that requires a high level of security or where there are a high number of employees, customers, students, or patients, installing a system incorporating emergency lockdown capabilities is highly beneficial.

Popular Access Control Solutions

Our Access Control solutions are designed to integrate, control, monitor and allow authorised access. There is a huge range of different Access Control options to tackle the security challenges that a modern commercial or residential building may face.

Standalone Access

Standalone is the simplest form of access control, allowing you to control access to any door within your property.

Networked Access

Networked access can be administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location.

Door Entry Systems

Door entry, or intercom systems, allow you to recognise a visitor via video or audio and then grant them access to your building.

Contactless Access

Using Facial Recognition provides a no-contact, fast, reliable method of user as they enter a site without the need for touching any surfaces.

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Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

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