Lone Worker Solution With ConnectME

To provide a safe and crime free environment, ConnectMe is an innovative solution to help reduce the ever-increasing risks associated with Lone Working

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Ensuring your people are protected day or night

A Lone Worker is defined as an employee who performs their role in isolation from others and without close or direct supervision. As our working environments are continuously evolving, the need for remote and isolated work is becoming more apparent.

To ensure every work place is safe, we can protect your employees by ensuring they are never alone. Marlowe Connect is FAFS Fire & Security’s purpose-built Alarm & Video Receiving Centre (AVRC).

Protecting people, property and providing peace of mind

The NSI Gold, Cat II, AVRC, protects people, property and peace of mind by monitoring Tracker Alarms, Panic Alarms, Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms signals from systems installed anywhere in the UK.

Operating 24/7, Marlowe Connect receives all alarm activations and takes the appropriate action, contacting Keyholders or the Emergency Services as required.

Innovative Technology

FAFS Fire & Security’s ConnectMe app is ideal for improving the safety of your employees working in distant, isolated environments.

ConnectMe works on any IOS or Android smartphone and allows you to keep a watchful eye on your employee’s real-time location without the need for an expensive GPS tracking device.

By utilising the smartphone’s GPS tracker and Man Down detection features, the app allows you to keep your workers safe and protected through on-demand location and incident reports.

Fully Accredited And Certified

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

Need help? Get in touch with our friendly team

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