This questionnaire is designed to help FAFS Fire & Security assess the Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental standards that our contractors (Partners) are working to. FAFS Fire & Security have clear obligations so far as current legislation is concerned with regard to making reasonable enquiries regarding the suitability, competency and knowledge base of our contractors, so that we can ensure they meet their statutory obligations. Our portfolio of high-profile clients also places expectations on our business with regard to a transparent and effective supply chain management system.

FAFS Fire & Security places great emphasis on HSQE performance and we strive to achieve zero accidents and incidents with a safety culture that encourages the correct behaviours and attitudes in our staff and contractors alike, to ensure that our workforce goes home ‘safe’ each evening as such this questionnaire firmly forms part of our management systems with regard to subcontractor management.

In accordance with our Safety Management Systems, we are working only with registered companies that have been ‘approved’ as a result of a detailed health, safety and environmental assessment. In order for any company to progress to approved status this Health, Safety and Environment Questionnaire’ must be completed and returned to the sponsoring manager and then to the Compliance Department.

Following completion of this questionnaire, you may be asked to participate in an audit designed to further inform us about your HSQE culture and standards. Each subcontractor will be assessed on the contents of their questionnaire along with supporting documents provided.

We require each contractor to commit to the minimum standards and conditions as set out within our Code of Practice document that has been provided with this questionnaire. A signature is requested within the questionnaire to confirm this commitment.

The more concise and specific the information provided, the higher the grading status. Each contractor will be informed of their grading and notified of any outstanding requirements to be implemented in order to improve this as required.

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