School Holiday Security Tips

When the school holidays are approaching and it should be a time for fun and relaxing… However, according to statistics, the highest percentage of burglaries occur during summer months, and school vandalism and break-ins are a serious problem.


Criminals know that your school will be empty during the 6 week holidays and with this in mind, we have prepared some top tips to keep your school safe over the summer.

1. Add or enhance your CCTV Systems
High quality CCTV cameras provide high resolution video footage and live streaming of what happens in school, 24/7 monitor the areas, trigger alarms and alerts to inform you when theft, vandalism and arson attacks occur.

2. Add or enhance your Intruder Alarm
As well as immediately alerting the police to any issues, an Intruder Alarm can also act as a great visual deterrent to intruders. Ensure that your alarm is regularly maintained and that you change the code every six months to gain maximum benefit from the system.

Your Intruder Alarm can be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre 24/7, and we also offer CCTV Systems that can be remotely monitored, so that you can check your facility at any time.

3. Make Sure Doors and Windows are Closed
Most burglars break into a building through open doors and windows. Make sure all doors and windows are well closed and locked if the building is not in use. Ensure emergency exit doors have the correct escape hardware and are working well. Check if gates are fitted with suitable locks.

4. Avoid Lone Workers
Even in the holidays, there are times when staff will need to go into school. This person will be vulnerable to criminals in waiting, or to missing security procedures.

ConnectMe, our Lone Worker Solution, ensures your people are protected. Or use a Keyholding Service which can secure your building with an open and lock service.

5. Post and Enforce a Holiday Access Policy
If part of the building is being used over the summer vacations by clubs, staff or community groups, you should post a holiday access policy and enforce it. An Access Control System allows you to control who comes into your school, when, and what areas of the school they can gain entry to.

Finally, you may want to consider scheduling in maintenance work during the summer holidays so that the school is occupied some of the time.

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