The Five Step Fire Door Check

We walk past dozens of fire doors every day without even noticing them. Carrying out a regular fire door check is important.

We don’t give them a second thought – at least, not until we need them.

But fire doors are a critical element in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, and it should be everybody’s responsibility in a shared building to make sure that they are fit for purpose.

The 5 step fire door check is something that anyone can do:

  1. Look for labels or markings that show the door is third party certificated and has traceability back to the original manufacturer.
  2. Look that the door is marked correctly with the appropriate signage and that it closes tightly against the frame.
  3. Ensure that the door or frame has the fire and smoke seal, and that the door closes correctly with an even gap all around of about 3mm.
  4. Check the fire-rated hinges are fitted firmly in the door and that there are no missing screws.
  5. Make sure the door is not damaged or ever wedged or propped open.

Watch the Five Step Fire Door Checklist video below.

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